Help us observe National Fatherhood Day on March 29th!

Goal and Mission


“Commit Yourself to a Youth in Need.”


Fatherhood  (noun)   the qualities, character, or spirit of a father


There are several organizations committed to improving fatherhood. These are wonderful organizations which largely educate fathers on how to be more present, connected and successful parents. The Fatherhood Assignment is different than such organizations in that we seek to gather professional and personal insights and experiences and share them with the world to inspire stable male role models to take responsibility for the children in their communities who suffer everyday due to the lack of a paternal figure in their lives.


The goal of The Fatherhood Assignment is to provide a feeling of structure, belonging, and purpose in the lives of youth who lack fathers in the home. All youth need senses of family, community, and self-worth that comes from belonging to a group or unit with which they can identify. This will help to:

  1. Prevent youth from turning to gangs as a substitute family structure;
  2. prevent youth from turning to crime, drugs, and violence as way of acting-out feelings of anger, sadness, or purposelessness;
  3. prevent youth who feel anger, frustration, and jealousy from bullying other youth; and
  4. prevent the bullying of any youth who lacks a father to turn to for help or guidance to deal with such victimization.

We are morally responsible for every child in our communities and every adult in every community should recognize their moral assignment to help the needy youth in their communities.


Our mission is to collect and share professional data and personal stories to encourage stable men in every community to step-up and step-in where a youth with a “father-void” needs that void filled. We promote a model we call “crowdparenting” where stable and positive male role models in every community play their part in guiding a youth in need.

Mission tactics:

-Collect personal stories on the effects on children under 12 and on teenagers of the absence of a father in the home.

-Collect professional insights on the effects in adulthood of having an absent father during childhood or teenage years.

-Inform and educate individuals and communities on the professional opinions and personal experiences that we collect of the effects of an absent father on children and teens.

-Encourage stable men in every community to feel a level of responsibility to reach out to children and teens in their communities (through such children’s or teens’ mothers) and to feel a vested interest in children and teens who have absent fathers, before emotional and social damage occurs.

-Encourage stable men in every community to reach out to other stable men in their communities to discuss and strategize on reaching out to a particular youth in need (through such youth’s mother or legal guardian) and stepping-up as positive male forces in the youth’s life.

-Encourage parents to talk to their own children about the needs and disadvantages of children and teens who lack fathers and to encourage their own children to reach out to and include such children in their social engagements and/or family events.

The Fatherhood Assignment proudly recognizes March 29th as National Fatherhood Day™. This is the day of each coming year that we ask you to think of a youth in your life, in your child’s life, or in your community who lacks a stable male figure in his or her life. Please reach out to such youth through his or her mother on this day and offer to spend some time to better a life in need.