Party of Five
By: Neil Siskind

Alone time with your family is important. But once in a while, consider how much a child without his own father would like such time for him or herself with their own intact family. Invite a youth who lacks his or her own intact family to spend the day with yours. If you’re having a family-day just making a barbeque or playing in the yard or attending a ballgame, or if you’re just having a casual lunch or dinner at home, make space for a child without a father who may be spending the time alone- and lonely.

Other than teaching your children the skills needed to survive on their own in the world, physically and financially, there is no better lesson to teach your kids than to have compassion and sympathy for others. And there is no better way to teach that than by your own example.

This is not a check you can write to a charity- it’s a life you can directly affect with a simple overture to a child who lacks an intact family of his or her own. This will not only inspire your children, but you will inspire yourself that you have done so little to give a child without a father so much.

So, if you’re having lunch or dinner with your wife and two kids, grab an extra chair for the table and pick up the phone- and make it a party of five.