Personal Stories

These are the personal experiences of children in homes without fathers, adults who once lived as a child in a home without a father, and mothers who are raising or who have raised children in a single parent household.

If you have any of the aforesaid experiences, please contribute your story, in writing or on video, to help us achieve our goal of a better life for children of absentee fathers. You may choose to have your written article published under your name or anonymously. Email us at

If you would like to share a story about someone who has helped to support and inspire a child with an absent father, please alert us at so that we can make contact and learn more about the story.


The Fatherhood Assignment proudly recognizes March 29th as National Fatherhood Day™. This is the day of each coming year that we ask you to think of a youth in your life, in your child’s life or in your community who lacks a stable male figure in his or her life. Please reach out to such youth through his or her mother on this day and offer to spend some time to better a life in need.


“You can’t climb to the top of a mountain if the sides are all smooth.”
– Neil Siskind