Bravo! Bravo
By: Neil Siskind

Neil S. Siskind, Founder & Chairman


On a TV network filled with mindless squabbles between bartenders, high-schoolers and unfulfilled rich people, I came across a program on Bravo* called Finding My Father. While exploiting people’s problems for ratings is not a form of entertainment of which I normally approve, this program helps illuminate and “put a face” on all for which The Fatherhood Assignment stands.

The Fatherhood Assignment spreads the message of the pain and needs of fatherless children. But the visual and “fly on the wall” experience of the Finding My Father program is helpful to make this reality tangible and personal for readers like you. To see the looks on the faces of the children and of their abandoning fathers makes the pain and anguish all too real.

When a father is absent, it has many results, all of which you can read about on The Fatherhood Assignment website. One of those results is a misunderstanding of people. Children facing their fathers after many years of absence have one question: “Why? Why would you abandon a child who did nothing wrong to you?”. Of course, a father’s absence is not always purposeful, but in the cases where it is, the question of “why?” never fades. Think about this: When a young child sees that an adult is willing to abandon a helpless child, what won’t he or she believe that people are capable of?

I recommend that you watch this program and see, for yourself, real life examples of the pain and confusion a father’s absence causes to the children. Hopefully this will encourage you to help me in the mission and goals of The Fatherhood Assignment.

* Finding My Father is produced by Oxygen and re-broadcast periodically on Oxygen and Bravo.