National Fatherhood Day- A “Do” Day
By: Neil Siskind

Neil S. Siskind, Founder & Chairman


National Fatherhood Day™ is not just a day of recognition of the importance of fatherhood. It is a day to “do” something for a youth in need. It is a day of “action”.

National Fatherhood Day™ is not just a day for our country to think about issues and to pontificate and ruminate over the meaning of fatherhood and the needs of youth without fathers- it is a day to take action and a day to inspire and to give hope where there may be hopelessness.

Likewise, The Fatherhood Assignment, while about collecting information and sharing ideas, is not just about creating awareness; it is about instilling compassion- and inspiring action out of that compassion. “Action” is necessary to meet our goal of changing lives.

Even though National Fatherhood Day™, every March 29th, is only one day each year, it is meant to bring awareness of the need to “do” throughout the entire coming year to bring fatherhood into the lives of youth lacking it. Children and teens without fathers are starved for male role models who care, to whom they can ask questions, from whom they can get information, from whom they can learn, who they can emulate, and with whom they can have a paternal-like connection.

Do you want your life to be meaningful? On National Fatherhood Day™, provide a child or teen who has no father with the experience of having a father, the feeling of love from a paternal figure, the feeling of security provided by the presence a male adult, and the feeling that someone has compassion for his or her void. Do this, and to him or her… you will become the most meaningful person on earth.



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