Don’t Forget the Girls
By: Neil Siskind


As girls, just like boys, need fathers and father-figures, I ask those professional and stable men whom we are trying to reach, to think about “girls” in their communities too. It may be more natural for a man to know a boy in need, and think about sports as a way to reach out, whereas it is harder for men to relate to young girls and their interests. But, remember, girls need the fatherly role in their lives filled as well. Moreover, girls love sports as much as boys. I ask that women “help men to help girls” who are in need of filling the paternal role in their respective lives. Find the right stable man, such as a man with daughters of his own, and point him in the direction of a girl with an absent father whom such man might consider including in his family events, or having over to his family’s home on a weekend or holiday.

Whether a youth who has an absent father is male or female, it is, of course, a little concerning to let a man into any youth’s life. The Fatherhood Assignment stresses that any man who is seeking to help a needy youth, reach out to the mother or legal guardian of such youth and gain their trust. Of course, any man who has his own children in the community will find it easy to explain why and how you want to help, and easily be trusted to do so.

Growing up with a male and a female parent creates the blueprint for a child’s interactions with males and females in society. Society is made up of two genders. This is why our parents are two genders. If society had three genders, it would be incumbent upon nature and society to have parents of three genders raise a child so that the child understands how to interact with all three genders. The point is that a male role model teaches a young girl what to expect from males in the larger society, and having a father is vital to a girl growing-up healthy and prepared for the real world. As you consider the mission of The Fatherhood Assignment, men should consider the needs of both boys and girls, and women should help to identify those girls in need and seek-out great male role models to bring into such girls’ lives.