Raise My Taxes … Please!

by Neil S. Siskind


Every youth- between 10 and 17- likes and enjoys one (or more) of the following:

  1. Science and science fiction
  2. Arts- writing, painting, drawing, designing, dancing
  3. Sports
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. Nature and animals
  6. Mechanical work

And when people do not have something for which they have a passion, in which they can see a future, and/or something at which they can excel- then they enjoy weed, and Tik-Tok, and fighting, instead; because at least they can excel at stupidity.

It’s something, at least.

To any governor and state legislator who would raise my taxes to provide for after school programs for any of the above, and require youths to pick one and attend, I’m happy to pay the tax to get the kids off the streets, wasting time, waiting or looking for problems, getting high or drunk, and starting fights- instead of engaging in a productive skill or hobby that they enjoy and that makes them want to live, be free of harm, and not hurt others.

When you have nothing- nothing matters. When you’re good at nothing, you find something stupid to be good at- like fighting, and mob violence, and hating others. You have to give kids something to care about and take pride in excelling at. All people need something to care about and to be proud of … especially kids. And it’s the state and local governments’ jobs to see to it if parents are not getting it done. And if the wealthy need to be taxed to provide for these programs in communities, then so be it.