Kids are Veterans too
By: Neil Siskind

Neil S. Siskind, Founder & Chairman


Those who have courageously served in our armed forces are called “veterans”. As we know, enormous sacrifices for our country have been made not only by these brave warriors….but also by their supportive families. In many cases, children, like their fathers, make the ultimate sacrifice- they sacrifice the life of a family member for the good of the country. As such, the children of soldiers are also “veterans”.

Thousands of children have lost fathers in recent wars. Hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions of children have lost fathers since the Revolutionary War (certainly there have been millions of American deaths in battle since this time, but it is unknown how many of these soldiers were parents).

When you think about “veterans”, think about the children left behind from the loss of life through war. The children live with the scars. The children live without fathers. If you love veterans, give love to a child who lost a father in war. Such a child is, him or herself, a veteran……..and a trooper.



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