National Fatherhood Day
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The Fatherhood Assignment proudly recognizes March 29th as National Fatherhood Day™. This is the day of each year that we ask you to think of a youth in your life, in your child’s life, or in your community who lacks a stable male figure in his or her life. This is not a day to help a youth who is ill or impoverished. This pain is invisible and affects children’s hearts and minds. Living without a father figure is painful for any child.

Father’s Day, distinguished from National Fatherhood Day™, is the day that the fortunate of us celebrate our gratefulness for our fathers. But for thousands, or even tens of thousands of youths, that holiday highlights for them that they have no father who is present in their lives. It is incumbent upon us to take time to recognize this social dilemma and painful reality for those who suffer from this void. On National Fatherhood Day™, please reach out to any such youths through their respective mothers or legal guardians to offer to spend some time to better a life in need. National Fatherhood Day™ is about taking time to reflect on the importance of fatherhood in our communities and in the lives of youths, and to recognize our collective social obligation to ensure that some semblance of fatherhood is provided to every child and teen.

Please read our articles under our Professional Insights and Personal Stories links on this website for suggestions on how you can help.

Affect a life for good.

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