Just One Thing
By: Neil Siskind, Esq.


Do you like to fish? Watch basketball? Collect comic books? Travel? To help a youth without a father, you don’t have to be the man that teaches him or her everything about life. Just pick one topic that moves you, and something for which you have passion, and share it with a kid who is lacking in and looking for a man from whom to learn.

When you’re teaching-you’re reaching. You are showing a youth that you care to take the time to teach him or her something that matters to you- which sends the youth a signal that he or she also matters to you. You provide the youth with the experience of interacting with and learning something from a caring male figure- something that youth has been living without. You are also showing the youth how much fun learning can be and you give him or her something new on which to focus and for which to care.

When you resolve to educate a child without a dad, you do not become responsible for every aspect of his or her life. You only become responsible to share and expose the youth to one thing which he or she has never before been exposed because he or she lacks a man in his or her life to provide the exposure. By sharing one new idea or hobby or point of interest, you open up a new world to someone in need of inspiration.

You don’t have to take on the duties and obligations of a father when you help a child without a father. You only have to take some time out of your life to educate and stimulate- and watch the child appreciate.