The Criminal Mindset: “Hurting” Equals “Achieving”

By: Neil S. Siskind

Criminals are like the rest of us in that they want to be recognized for at least something. People who have no chance of or skills to achieve anything good, have to achieve a high level of bad. They want to be seen as the toughest…. the meanest….. or the craziest. You’ll hear criminals and gang members often talk about getting “respect”. They want to excel at least at something, and crime and violence is where they can accomplish.

A person who likes to fistfight often is short on talents or intellect. Fighting is all they can do. Similarly, one who steals wealth from another is one who knows no way to create it by himself. Likewise, one who insults or attacks people of success, often knows that he or she has no way to accomplish it. So they take pleasure in attacking it.

For example, Osama Bin Laden had no skills or talents to build great ships, or big buildings, or strong businesses, like his father did- so he had to show his great skill at destroying them. Another example is Adolph Hitler, who couldn’t create life and was probably sterile (he had no children), so he took an extraordinary number of lives as his alternative achievement. It’s all they could do … just to show that they could excel at least at something.

Criminals who lash out at others, attack others, or seek to take from others are attempting, in their own minds, to achieve something. Rather than succeed on their own merits with hard work, they want to excel in diminishing or destroying that which the talents of others have created. This, to them, is success. This is the result of desperation in finding something in which they can excel.

Take someone you see failing or flailing, and who seems lost or hopeless, who has never tasted achievement or success, and try help them find something they can do besides attack, insult and hurt others as their greatest achievement.

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