Internet Bullying
By: Neil Siskind


Internet bullying is growing….and is deadly. Fathers need to teach their sons that using chat rooms, posting boards and social media to embarrass and hurt other people is not manly. It is cowardly, and it is the way that weak and powerless people handle anger.

Being bullied is no fun. And being a bully is no accomplishment. Show young men in your respective lives the manner in which strong and decent men resolve their issues, and this will provide them a blueprint for how young men who want to achieve great things in life must behave. Writing mean things on the Internet about good people or hardworking business owners in ones own community is not a blueprint for success in life. You can set the example of behavior that a young man needs to follow for him to achieve worthwhile things in life by dealing with people using courage and decency. With those skills, anything can be achieved. You can be anything. Without them, nothing can be achieved. You will be nothing. Take the time to teach a “young” man how to be a “real” man.


Winners runaround TAKING SHOTS at success. Losers sitaround TAKING SHOTS at the winners.
-Neil Siskind


Neil Siskind, Founder & Chairman