It’s More Than Music & Movies
By: Neil Siskind

Neil S. Siskind, Founder & Chairman


The media delivers inspirational story after inspirational story of athletes, actors and musicians who overcame adversity to achieve their respective dreams. Entertainers constantly talk on television about how hard their childhoods were. Professional athletes regularly discuss growing up in tough urban neighborhoods and escaping through sports in televised interviews. But where is the consistent flow of televised stories about the scientists, the school teachers, the state prosecutors or the architects who overcame troubled home-lives to achieve success in their chosen professions? Why are there not pediatricians crying on camera nightly on major networks while telling their stories of adversity and success? Why is that it’s always actors and musicians who are broadcast on television being vociferous and outspoken and emotional about their adversity? What about youths who do not have a good singing voice or an athletic build? Can’t they escape difficult childhoods too?

Where is the inspiration for youth who are living in difficult circumstances to see that they can overcome their circumstances to become not singers and NFL stars, but accountants and nurses? Youths need to see people like this to whom they can relate so they know that happiness comes from places other than acting and sports.

I implore the media to broadcast moving and inspirational stories to our youth, not only about singers and guitar players who have succeeded despite their difficult beginnings- but about those who have succeeded in math and science, public affairs and law, medicine and education. There is passion and adversity there too- and there is troubled youth with abilities in those areas who need inspiring.



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