Why The Fatherhood Assignment?
By: Neil Siskind

Neil S. Siskind, Founder & Chairman


Why The Fatherhood Assignment? Most charities (not all) address the most obviously desperate of circumstances. Many charities (not all) address children with incurable illnesses or abused animals, or children in financially desperate straits. But even people in good health and comfortable wealth have discomfort and pain. A person may have no health need, and no material deprivation whatsoever- yet may be walking through life with gaping holes and undetectable suffering. You will not have a diagnosis or a bruise to indicate the harm, nor will you see a person living in squalor. Unless you have a keen eye- you may not identify any pain at all. But an intuitive and sympathetic observer can detect pain where others cannot, or where most would not presume it.

This is where The Fatherhood Assignment steps in.

Physical pain can be debilitating; lack of financial resources can make life unbearable; being beaten and abused is an anathema. But emotional pain is just as real and just as debilitating. You can’t point to a child’s emotional pain like you can point to a child in a hospital bed, or to a starving dog or cat. That does not mean that pain does not exist. If you are special, and you care, you can observe pain where others can’t or don’t- and you can cure it.


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